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The ONLY patented, drug free, saline free, all natural, daily nasal hygiene wash


It's a Daily Nasal Hygiene Wash

▻ It's not another nasal spray
▻ Preventative daily regimen
▻ It's 50ml - Bigger, for everyday use

It's Natural, No Drugs... Period!

▻ 9 Essential oils mixed with unique active ingredient

It's Different

▻ Patented process, registered US trademark & dispensing system

It's What People Have Been Asking For

▻ Drug free
▻ Ease-of-use
▻ Value- Lowest cost per ml

It's Timely, 40+ million sufferers


▻ HCL "rebound effect" from Top Brands

The Need

✓ The Daily Regimen of Nasal Hygiene is growing in popularity
Recent articles supporting prevention by daily washing

✓ All-Natural alternatives are being sought after by consumers, especially with OTC Health Care products that you put in your mouth, on your body, or in your nose

✓ There have been a host of problems and side effects with many of the more popular nasal products https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm316375.htm
They contain HCL, a drug that causes "rebound effect"

✓ Saline does not break down mucous & leaves a salt residue

✓ Sinusave contains no harmful drugs or decongestants

✓ The 50ml bottle - 50% more product, encourages daily use

✓ The spray is designed to go out to the sides of the nasal passages

✓ It's safe, simple and effective - and patented



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Those Who Serve And Protect

Healthcare Professionals/Pharmacists

▻ Healthcare Professionals/Pharmacists

Firefighters and Police Rescue

▻ Firefighters and Police Rescue

Dry Desert Conditions

▻ Dry Desert Conditions

Emergency Medical Technicians

▻ Emergency Medical Technicians

Smoke Inhalation

▻ Smoke Inhalation

Sand, Dust, Dirt & Oil Fires

▻ Sand, Dust, Dirt & Oil Fires


Custom In-Store Displays
Six Pack Counter Unit

We purposely use an oversized box to communicate the brand message

24 Piece Side Kick

All colorization and message content aligning with our strategy


What's Next

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▻ Safe & Effective
▻ Easy Squeeze Bottle
Kid-Friendly Formulation


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Sinusave is not for sale in the retail market place.
This site showcases Sinusave for the purpose of selling the IP to an interested party.
To inquire about purchasing the Sinusave Patent, Registered Trademark and registered domains:
Please write to John Burke at: support@sinusave.com
Samples will be provided to qualified parties.