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Taking Extra Care Of Older And Aging Nasal Passages & Respiratory Health

Posted By Joey Craig in Sinus Health & Wellness on Oct 15, 2020

Elderly Sinus Care

The older we get, the thinner the nose lining gets, making you more prone to sinus complications. As one ages, the capacity of the nose to produce mucus is reduced as our mucus membranes lining the nasal passages become thinner.

Older people with sinusitis are at higher risk of developing more serious upper respiratory tract infections because of their lower immunity.

In addition to taking care of your overall health and well being, it’s important to take care of your nasal health. It’s recommended to implement a daily routine of exercise, eating healthy, taking vitamins & supplements and using doctor recommended, all natural SinuSave®.

SinuSave® is the only patented, drug free, saline free, All Natural DAILY Nasal Hygiene Wash.

SinuSave® was invented and patented by an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon whose patients dealt with severe nasal congestion after facial reconstruction, nasal passage and sinus surgery. They all loved the way this unique formula broke up blockage and helped them to Breathe Easier™ with an all-around soothing effect and pleasant aroma with NO BURNING SENSATION as can be caused by many other nasal sprays and irrigation systems.

Compare our all-natural/drug-free nasal spray alternative to the leading competitors:

Neo-Synephrine® nose spray
Mucinex® nose spray
Dristan® nose spray
Afrin® nose spray
Sinex® nose spray
Zicam® nose spray
Flonase® nose spray

A daily regimen of nasal washing can not only help prevent infections, but also help clear them. Infections, cold and flue are to be avoided as we reach late middle to old age. It’s important to take the time to take care of your nasal passages and respiratory system.

Make SinuSave® a part of your daily health regimen.

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