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Tips For Relieving Cold Symptoms

Posted By Joey Craig in Sinus Health & Wellness on Oct 27, 2020

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We’ve all been there: You wake up with a sore throat… then the coughing, sneezing and sniffling begins. You have a cold. Remarkably in this day and age, there’s still no quick cure for the common cold or the flu. However there are some ways to find relief and to get through being sick quicker.

Take it easy.

When you get sick, your body goes to work to fight off the infection. It only makes sense that it needs more energy to do so. Getting rest should be your top priority. Stay home from work, take a nap and simply take it easy while your body does it’s best fighting.

Drink up.

No… not that type of “drink up”. Getting plenty of fluids helps thin your mucus and break up sinus congestion as well as help prevent headaches and fatigue that occur when you become dehydrated. Keep a water bottle nearby and refill with water. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol which will dehydrate you. Gargling with hot salt water or sipping a hot beverage (like a non-caffeinated tea) is a good way to soothe a sore throat and fatigue.

Take a hot shower.

Breathing in steam from a hot shower can help moisten a scratchy throat and help loosen congestion and help relax achy muscles.

Pain reliever for fever and aches. 

Doctors usually recommend acetaminophen. If you’re taking another cold medicine, though, check that it doesn’t already have the drug. It’s a common ingredient in many OTC remedies, but getting too much can be dangerous. So check the label and ask the pharmacist how much is safe to take at one time.

Take 100% All Natural, Doctor Recommended SinuSave®.

Unlike other over the counter nasal sprays, SinuSave® is the only patented, all-natural, drug-free, saline-free, daily nasal wash. It's safe for everyone in the family to use as part of their personal hygiene routine. So, brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and; Do your lungs a favor, keep your nose clean!

SinuSave® was invented and patented by an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon whose patients dealt with severe nasal congestion after facial reconstruction, nasal passage and sinus surgery. They all loved the way this unique formula broke up blockage and helped them to Breathe Easier™ with an all-around soothing effect and pleasant aroma with NO BURNING SENSATION as can be caused by many other nasal sprays and irrigation systems.

SinuSave® daily nasal wash formulations were inspired by ancient herbal remedies. Herbal essential oils contain natural enzymes & antioxidants. It is easy to administer and assimilates quickly. We only use the finest extraction of essential oils, chosen and carefully blended to create stronger and more beneficial effects on the body. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, SinuSave® can help maintain your body's health and wellness.

The regimen of daily nasal washing can help clear infections and can help prevent them from developing. This site showcases the benefits of using SinuSave® Daily Nasal Hygiene Wash to aid your general health & well-being. It contains a wealth of information for anyone suffering from nasal congestion, whether due to cold, flu, sinusitis, or allergy symptoms. When added to your daily personal hygiene routine SinuSave® can be the first line of defense and prevention.

Take care of yourself this cold and flu season!

Choose your formula!

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